Why Choose Formu?

With a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, Formu delivers high-quality results on time and within budget.

  • Design Consultancy

    Formu offers expert design consulting services to help bring your ideas to life or to optimize existing projects.

  • Production

    With our fleet of printers located near London, we are able to offer 3D printing services. We offer FDM or SLA Printing with a max FDM build volume of 400x400x400mm and a max SLA build volume of 127x80x160mm.

  • CAD Services

    At Formu, we offer comprehensive CAD services to support your design projects. Our team of skilled professionals are avaliable to create detailed, accurate 3D models and technical drawings.

  • Plastic Shredding

    Our plastic shredding service helps you efficiently manage and recycle plastic waste. Using advanced shredding equipment, we reduce plastic materials into smaller pieces that can be repurposed for various applications such as re-extruding.

Ready to discuss your project? Get in touch with us today to see how Formu can assist you.